Japan Goma Kamikiri Mushi – Asian Longhorned Beetle

Of all the summertime insects one can encounter in Japan a sure favorite of mine is the Goma Kamikiri Mushi beetle (aka Asian Longhorned Beetle). These medium to large size insects are very active and can often be spotted flying through gardens and moving actively over foliage. The insects wings make a fairly loud buzzing hum which can be easily heard as the beetle flies past. The beetles can use their large biting mandibles to chew holes into trees.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle is a well known pest in many parts of the world where the beetles larvae are responsible for the damage and death of several tree species, including Poplar, Willow and Birch among others. The beetles lay their eggs within the trees and the hatched larvae then bore damaging holes through the inner bark as well as into the heartwood. These insects are found through much of East Asia though they are also found in other areas of the world where they have been introduced through the import of infested wood products.


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