Big Animal Beside the Road – Japanese Serow Mountain Goat Nihon kamoshika

The animal seen in this video is a Serow Japanese Mountain Goat (capricornis crispus) which I spotted along a highway in the mountains of central Japan. The animal is called Nihon Kamoshika in Japan where it prefers steep sided mountains and dense forests.

This video is part of a playlist on this channel which chronicals my 2011 end-of-year experiences in Japan as the country prepares to ring in the new year on December 31st. For this year I decided to make my way into the deep mountains of central Japan in order to capture the feeling of New Year in the remote farming villages of Shizuoka prefecture. The playlist contains videos uploaded to a number of different channels including NutsAboutJapan, softypapa, AbandonedJapan and this channel.

Here is a link to the video “Nightfall in a Deserted Japanese Village”:

Here is a link to the playlist:


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~ by softypapa on December 31, 2011.

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